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Only 41% of Chihuahuas Like Having

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Meet Your New BFFs



BFF Receptionist

They say photo booths “run themselves.” Just like this place does, right? When we’re on the job, we make it look easy, but you know we’re taking care of business AND having fun.



Director of Photography

I paint with light to capture the ambiance and the mood of the moment. I use state of the art equipment like HD cameras, touch displays and LED ring lights. My pictures should be hanging in a museum somewhere instead of your pocket.



Photo Booth Concierge

Photo booths are all about attitude and using the props to express your inner wild child. I make sure every guest is ready to go loco and look good doing it. I also like to lick up all the spilt booze. I am a bad dog.

Big Fun Foto Booth will do all we can to customize your photobooth rental. Take a look at Pinterest or Instagram. Whatever fun, crazy, or elegant photobooth backdrops you see, we can create them for you. Have ideas? We love to incorporate your special event themes or ideas into all that we do.

  • Percentage of Chihuahuas That Work Here 75%
  • Percentage of Chihuahuas That Sleep Here 100%

These here are some pretty good dog-gone testimonials.

Space is at a premium here, BFF is able to fit in a small space but still look big. Their modern, sleek look fit right into our upscale brand.

Weddings, The Treasury

BFF has been here twice and both times were smooth sailing. Clean and courteous.

Wedding/Events, Deercreek Country Club

There were three events around Christmas time 2016. The BFF booth was the center of attention of all three events.

Holiday Party, Timacuan Yacht Club

Last minute changes happened every time BFF was here. The booth was up and running like clockwork no matter what.

Wedding/Events, Epping Forest Yacht Club