Professional Wedding and Event Photo Booth Rental

All New Everything April 2017

We’ve invested in an all new kiosk, iPad, props and backdrops. We look good so you look good.

Courteous and Polite

This isn’t hard to do, but honestly, sometimes these core values get tested, but we never fail to stay this way.

Fun and Flexible

We enjoy our job. It’s easy to see why when you’re surrounded by people having a good time all the time.

Clean and Helpful

All events come with an Attendant who keeps the fun moving, the guests happy and the props in order.

Our Story

A long time wedding and special events vendor, Dave Barbush, owner of BFF Booth, was one of the first online wedding vendors in the nation. Back in Pennsylvania, he and a wedding dress shop called Greene’s started an online shopping experience for everything bridal in a revolutionary website called It was one of the most complete sources of information and help for brides in that area and boasted over 5,000 wedding vendors and all the major dress designers.

Since moving to Florida, BFF has been working with one of the most sought-after DJ’s in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas, John McCray of Feedback Entertainment. Having shared office space with John, we became good friends and that’s how we started. And now, with the acquisition of the LED air photo booth, the “alien” kiosk, BFF is here to wow your guests with a great experience every time.


Our philosophy is to have the best of everything to offer you so that we can both enjoy the event. Our goal is to make you look good and to give your guests nothing but good time and great memories.

Why Us for Your Wedding and Event Photo Booth Rental

In our decades of experience in the wedding and event photo booth rental business, we’ve come to understand one key factor: we’re just a small part in all of it. Whether it’s your wedding day, your Holiday party, or a birthday party, we do our part to be a crock pot dinner of your vendors. You set it all up and then forget about it until it’s time to eat.

We named ourselves Big Fun Foto Booth and use the BFF joke as a reminder that that’s why you have us as your wedding and event photo booth rental company. That’s all you want us to be: be fun. So we keep our equipment and rentals up to date, error free and we have answers whenever problems or issues pop up, and they do.

BFF is our part-time job so we operate it out of professional office space with multiple Jacksonville locations that are flexible for both you and us. We can meet you with the Alien in any number of locations that best suits you. Call us to set up a time and place that works for you. Thanks.


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