Whatever Your Special Event or Wedding Theme, There’s a Right and Wrong Choice to Be Made

So what are the Best Photo Booth Backgrounds?

Simple answer is the one you like the best, but as a photo booth background professional, there’s more to consider. Let me take you through the rough and rugged world of backdrops where we’ll uncover the real meaning in each. Let’s do this!

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Custom backdrops

The Cadillac of backdrops for a photo booth, these are a special order item that will take 8-12 weeks to arrive, so make sure you get your order in early. The typical pattern is called a step/repeat pattern where there is one graphic applied to the thick, reinforced backdrop. The design repeats that graphic and steps it all over the size of the backdrop.

These are great, but they are expensive. I would shop around, and I have, but you will find that an 8′ x 8′ size will run you between $450 – $850. If you have found sites that offer them for cheaper, be wary of quality and please let me know. Remember that while they are durable, they are also probably a one-time use. If you’re thinking about using it again for something, that’s a good idea but you will need to consider what design element goes on it so that you can re-use it. Flowers, bells, or other “evergreen” images make re-use possible and practical.

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Black backdrops

Simple and classic. A throwback to the photo booth origins of malt shops and carnivals where the color black was able to absorb the kicks and drops of customers sloppiness and still look good. Black backdrops absorb the ambient light that is flying around inside the photo booth enclosure. This light can affect the color temperature and the exposure. A black backdrop will also not cause any variations in exposure when the subject, your special event or wedding guests, move in and out of the frame during the session. Black is a very good choice for these reason, but there are some good reasons not to use black. See what they can look like here.

Continuing along, black is not exactly the most cheerful color on the planet. In fact, once you leave the planet and travel through space, all you see is black. It’s devoid of color and that blankness does have an effect on your photo booth photos. Formal yes, but at what cost? My personal preference is that black not be your first choice.

BFF Booth Jacksonville photo booth rental

White backdrops

The flip side of black is white backdrop. Truly the opposite, white seems to be the choice for a wedding photo booth rental. The great thing about a white backdrop is that it will reflect other colors coming at it, so that from time to time, the color in the photo booth photos will change, too.

Further, if you have a theme color, it can easily be added to the white to carry that theme along into your photos. (see the above photo where a blue light was added to the backdrop) With the photo booth of Big Fun Foto and how we light your guests, our subjects, the light that comes from our alien kiosk is so large and soft that everyone looks good in it, and the white backdrop we use as our standard issue, looks good no matter what’s going on. But to be honest, as the operator of BFF Booth, during the session of the wedding or special event, I do need to monitor the photos and make sure that I make any necessary camera settings to correct for any odd lighting.

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Sequin backdrops

These are definitely cool and everybody loves rubbing their hands over them to make them seemingly dance and change the look. And that’s the problem, one of them. They do add a splash of glamour to each shot and I love them, but the problem is that most of the ones made in China are on such sheer backing material that they don’t block the light or shadowy images coming in from the back. The allow distractions to possibly get onto the photos and that’s no good. If you do want to use a sequined backdrop, make sure it is placed against a wall so that these issues don’t make it onto your guests photos. Big Fun Foto does not currently have this as an option, but we would be glad to add it to our selection if a bride or special event coordinator requests one. This one would be a good choice because it’s expensive and hopefully high quality.

LED air booth at a wedding


If your wedding photo booth provider offers the option of an enclosure, then you’re options may be limited. BFF Booth offers two options for enclosures. One is the LED booth which is the coolest thing out there. It has 9 color options to choose from and a strobe effect that is awful for a photo booth session.Wow factor is off the charts with this one and when our alien kiosk is inside, your guests will have a truly memorable experience that they will talk about for years to come.

Second is a black draped tent-like enclosure. We have the flexibility to add our white or red backdrops to them, so you can get what you want.