Having been in the photo booth business for 3 years now, I’ve been using the same software to capture the images. Recently, I purchased from Simple Booth photo booth app – their Event Edition. I’ve used it twice now at semi-busy events and this is my impression of how it performed. This is Simple Booth Event Edition review.

First off, I’m going to go through the pros and cons and then give a final thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Take note that Event Edition is their App purchases in the Apple App store. I used an iPad set up, so my software options are less than a Windows user. They also see their own all-in-one rigs and software under their HALO brand. I like my rig, so I went with Event Edition.

simple booth square logo and name

On the PRO side, I really love their see-through interface user experience at the start of each session. Users can see what they look like with or without a blue overlay that also holds the “start now” button. You can adjust the intensity of the saturation of the overlay but I like it so that you can see what’s going on behind it. I found that most women like to see what they look like before they go into the photo booth, and this helps out a lot.

Side note: one of Simple Booth’s main problems is their branding that invades the user experience. On the start screen is a big Simple Booth logo that they have to touch to start. This big logo is found in many places, but the most annoying to me is on the text sent to user’s phones. If there be a way to remove that minimize it change it, that would make this a big plus.

Pro side 2 kudos goes for their attractive and good-looking design. Simple Booth also has an online gallery that is also more attractive than my past software. Below is what my customers actually finally sees after they click the text link. They also offer three ways to share that image: Instagram Twitter and Facebook.

older couple goofing off in photo booth

The third benefit to simple Booth is the cost. The event addition costs $100 and you own it forever. You can upgrade using their Halo upgrades but for now I have not purchased them. My previous software was costing me $20 a month on a subscription basis. That clocks in simple booth at more than 55% cheaper and that’s just for one year. That is a big plus for a photo booth owner like BFF booth.

Now on to the CONS.

The first one I have is the most important and simple, no pun intended, but Dimple Booth is just not as fun for the guests as my previous software. Part of the reason for this is that the image that customers view right after their session is over is just way too small. I struggle to see it older folks in the booth struggle to see it kids have to get straight right up next to it to see it. It’s just too small and you can’t make it larger. Much of the fun and most of the laughs from the photo booth session comes from looking at the pictures right after you’re done. With Simple Booth, that’s kind of a dud. Hopefully there will be a way to change this. I will update you if I discover one, outside of an upgrade.

Continuing with the negatives, there’s really no easy way to pull up the images once the session is over. As a photo booth operator in Jacksonville lots of times people want an extra print or to text it again. With the old software that wasn’t an issue. Now it is. No good.

Third bad thing: Simple Booth branding is all over everything. Overkill, really, as no one is really going to go out and purchase it. For them to upstage my brand with their brand when I have paid them money is just rude. I have spoken to them about that and their answer was to upgrade to Halo. I understand.

halo light around a touch screen

Finally, the last con is it seems to be apparent that my ink cartridges are getting used up faster. With the old software, I would maybe change out one print cartridge during a three hour session. Now I’ve changed out two in the last one and that wasn’t very busy day. I will keep a track on this as my print cost, because of the type of rig that I have, can get expensive.

Overall Simple Booth Event Edition Review is a thumbs up, with a bit of a “meh” wiggle thrown in there. I’m going to stick with this photo booth software until it pays for itself, then consider going back to the old one if I can’t work around these cons, but i’s cheaper, it does everything that I needed to do, but I hope that they find a way to be able to bring back some of the joy and laughter.

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