Big Fun Things to Do Besides a Wedding Photo Booth

We think photo booths at weddings are usually one of the best things about any wedding. We’ve been to enough to see that a photo booth brings out the crazy fun in even the oldest guests at your wedding. We’ve seen smiles and attitude spring from people who looked like they were just a bunch of cranks and no-funners. But sometimes money is tight and you need alternatives.


We gathered up some comments from another web site forum to help you think outside the photo booth. Here goes:



Is there a balcony?  I’ve seen people do Smores in a fire pit… Maybe a cigar bar outdoors? But again, that’s only if the hotel allows smoking outdoors, and even if you have outdoor access..



One thing I thought that was really cool was those Wedding Lib Games.. Where you fill in the blanks, and it spells out funny things.  I was planning on doing that during the cocktail hour while we are taking pictures.



Thought about hiring a few caricature artists, but with all my guests and the fact that each will take more than just a couple minutes, that may get old, fast.


We’re having a Hora Loca (popular in Hispanic cultures) so we’re just putting more money towards that. Think about the 1 thing your guests love and run with it. (are they big drinkers? maybe a shot luge sculpture.)


Great food and drink, with different food at different times, would make me a lot happier than a photo booth.  If you already have appetizers, then dinner, put the photo booth money towards a late night snack.  I did passed mini breakfast items for guests at the end of the reception–little mini chicken and waffles, country ham and biscuits, mini root beer floats, mini eggs benedict.  It went over very well.


If your crowd would be more into late night pizza, you could do something with that.  Or a late night dessert bar.  I’ve seen people do cute movie-theme late night foods–mini popcorn cartons, corn dogs, candy, and icees.  It’s a know your crowd thing, but late night food takes the edge off hunger and helps soak up the open bar.


Put the money toward upgrading the food, drinks or entertainment and people will have a great time without the photobooth. We did dueling pianos rather than a standard DJ and the dance floor was full the whole night. People who weren’t dancing were often singing along at their tables.


Premium open bar and late night turkey burger sliders/pretzels with cheese sauce helped too.)

We had a little lounge area at our reception–a place where people could sit and talk but not be sitting at their tables. It was also a nice break from the dance floor. I think it really helped encourage people to stay and mingle. I know I like getting up and talking to people when I’m not dancing, and not feeling “trapped” at my table like some weddings (especially those weddings without a lot of space between the tables to move around).


We are doing a photobooth, but I just like them and want one.


If we can swing it, in terms of having enough bartenders and budget, I think we will try to do a regular bar (beer, wine, liquor) and then also a bourbon tasting station stocked with three of our favorites bourbons and some little nibbles that complement them. Or, maybe a bourbon cocktail station where we have three bourbon cocktails that the bartender can make and demonstrate complete with little recipe cards. Or, maybe a combo of those ideas. Not everyone will be interested of course but FI and I love bourbon and it would be cool to share that love with our guests.


We’re having a somewhat casual wedding and opted to skip having a DJ as neither of us think many our of guests will dance, instead we’ll be spending about half the price on a caricature artist 🙂 It’s not for everyone but we love the idea.


If your group is into dancing, try hiring an instructor/performer/leader such as country line dancing, urban hustles, latin dancing, etc.


I hope this gives you some alternative ideas to make your wedding fun. I know that we talked about moving the money from your photo booth budget to do some of these things, so I hope this helps your wallet and your memories. Not all these ideas are going to hit home, but it’s always good to think outside the photo booth for ways to make your wedding day good for you and your guests.