Brides Must Make Time for the Photo Booth

I know it’s hard do with so many people to visit, formalities to execute, and kisses to give, but brides must take time for the photo booth. And most of you do, but not enough and it’s usually at the end of the night. Here’s three ways that you can make your photo booth rental pay off.

Way #1: Be the First in the Booth

The average rental time is 3 hours for a photo booth. You need to make the most of that time to maximize the number of photos. Big Fun Foto likes to have the DJ make an announcement to get the ball rolling. You should, too. More than that, the bride and groom should be the first ones to go into the booth and let everyone know that it is open and ready for fun. Big Fun.

Way #2: Go With Your Bridal Party

One thing I’ve found to be true with a photo booth: the more the merrier. There’s no such thing as too tight or too crowded. If you look at some of the group images I have posted, you’ll see that the most fun ones are where someone is blocking some one else’s face a little bit in one shot, or that the whole frame is full of costumes and props. Brides must make time for the photo booth and bring the bridal party. You’ve done the stuff and maybe not so stuffy formal shots, now is the time for you to truly express your closeness with your bridal party. This is how great memories are made.

Way #3 Go with Your New Husband

This is the most in love you will ever be, and if you can handle this wedding day with a sense of humor, the photo booth is the place to show it off. No props, no problem. You can do this with just your two faces and kisses. I suggest kissing in every photo and switching places once during the session to add some variety to the kissing mix. Also, when people switch places, it gives them a chance to be caught being real and having that extra time to move often results in great photos.

I’ve only ever seen one couple go into the booth together. It was at the end of the night and they were very passionate with each other. I like that.

Hope this helps. Book Big Fun Foto for your wedding or next special event.