Drones Are The Next Hot Wedding Photo Booth Experience

When people ask me what’s new in the photo booth experience for Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Augustine and Tampa, I now have an answer. Besides having the latest gear, props and software all the time to be cutting edge, this drone in your face concept is really cutting edge.

Although it sounds like a crazy concept, but all those stories you’ve heard of drones killing wedding parties were GOVERNMENT bombing missions. Not the sweet and innocent drones you get at Best Buy with a GoPro on it. We are very excited to now offer this hot new option for those weddings and special events that want that something extra. We all know that drone wedding videos are more and more commonplace these days, so how long will it be until that experience trickles down into the flip side of serious photography? The answer is no longer. It’s a reality today if we want it to be. I mean, if they can put handguns on drones in Texas, why can’t we match their crazy here in Florida? We have that can-do spirit that no Texan can’t match.

Let’s take a look at the meteoric rise of drones as an optional wedding photography event. The commercial advent of drones in general started in late 2013 and cost around $300. These were not photo-capable drones, but recreational helicopters on steroids that enthusiasts took out to their local park and flew around. Adaptations for wedding and special event photography evolved from there once bigger and stronger drones hit the marketplace. Now a typical HD or GoPro camera-ready drone can cost anywhere from $600 – $3,000.

So What Does this Mean for Your Photo Booth Experience?

Imagine this: your outdoor wedding is past the dinner stage and as the cool late summer breeze mixes with “We Are Family”, your wedding photo booth backdrop is set up over in the venue’s corner with a small gathering of guests ready to rock it. The attendant waves in the next gaggle of photo booth fun lovers and as they strike poses in front of the gold bedazzled backdrop with their fake mustaches and derby hats, things start getting interesting.

The attendant and the drone operator use florescent cones and lights to signal the next approach. From 1,000 feet overhead, the drone descends at an angle that so steep it makes cliff diving look horizontal. The photo booth attendant signals the drunk wedding guests to turn up their mugging for the camera because we are rolling camera! The drone gets closer and closer as the guests get more and more animated to make this a memorable drone photo booth experience. Drinks get drained from the down draft. There’s goes $50 worth of Kettle One. It’ worth it because the Maid of Honor’s hair is blowing in the wind like Beyonce’s at Super Bowl XXXXX.

As happens in Florida, that gentle late summer breeze turns into a surge of foul weather approaching just as the drone is hovering for the close-up. The photo booth operator senses the danger and frantically tries to wave off the drone operator – ABORT ABORT ABORT –  but it’s too late. The drone hits a prop pair of oversized sunglasses and bends the main rotor. The drone spins off of the Mother of the Bride’s corsage and takes down the gold backdrop. Sequins fly far enough away to hit the wedding singer in the eye, and it’s no longer “We Are Family”, it’s “We Are Screwed.”

But the video goes viral and the next thing you know you’re sitting next to Matt Lauer on the Today Show in New York City.

Whew. I guess now that we look back at the question, the answer is no. Despite that fact that you get your 15 minutes of fame, the scar over the MOTB’s left eye is a good reminder that some things are left alone.

If you’re looking for a safe yet still exciting and fun photo booth rental experience for Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orlando and all points in between, contact us and let’s get busy.