Answers To Photobooth Rental Questions

Big Fun Foto Booth is centered in St. Johns, Florida, but we do wedding and special events here and in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and most of northeast Florida. Here we attempt to answer your questions about how renting a booth costs, what comes with it, are there Boomerangs, texting, and what else.

How much does your photo booth cost to rent?

See our pricing page, but two hours is our minimum, and any additional hours after 3 are billed at $100/each.

What comes with all this Big Fun?

Great questions. No matter what you chose, every party gets to pick from our virtual backgrounds, the touchscreen software, attendant, the kiosk, lighting, fast prints, digital sharing, props, sanitizer, and if you use a guest book, we will supply the glue, tape, and the metallic markers.

How big is the Big Fun Foto Booth blow-up enclosure?

If you’re checking out venues and where you’re going to fit a photo booth, our LED Air Booth measures 9’x9’x9′. We also need some space for your printer and a table of props. If your venue won’t fit it, we always have our classy and matching white backdrop – seen below – with us.

What is a boomerang video?

First integrated into Instagram, a boomerang video is a short recording that happens inside our Big Fun Foto Booth. It records for about 1 second, then renders, or shows itself, after it had sped up the video, reversed it, and then looped it. Here’s an example of one. This one doesn’t loop here, but it will in the booth and on your event web page.

How many photos or poses make up a photobooth strip?

Great question thank you. Our photo booth strips contain four poses. We think having four poses is just the right amount for your guests. Three poses and the experience is just over too quickly. Striking four poses gives them one more to nail it.

What is a photo booth GIF?

Great question thank you. A gif consists of the four poses that your guests take during the session. They are shown in rapid succession and they sort of look like a video. It is one of the four sets of photos (Strip, GIF, Boomerang, 4 individual photos) each photo booth session produces. 

And what does one from Big Fun Foto Booth look like?

They look like this:


How can I customize the photo strips?

You can fill up two lines of space under the four strips. Usually its short and sweet with something like “Derek & Diane” on one line and “March 3, 2021 on the bottom line.

For an extra $40 fee, we can have more graphic space on the prints, but because this requires twice as many prints, we must charge more. Sorry about that.

Is there a way to save some money?

Yes, if you want to go all digital, meaning no prints, we will reduce the cost by $50.

Why call your photobooth Big Fun?

Great questions, thanks! Have you seen the photos? But there’s another reason. It’s part of our business philosophy to provide your guests with as much fun as possible. That’s what we call Big Fun.

Why are photo booths sort of pricey?

Are they? Hmm, well a few reasons for the price, pricey or not…The service includes pre-event discussions after you’ve agreed to hire us. It also includes our loading up the equipment into our vehicles. Plus we arrive one hour ahead of your event time to set it all up and test out the booth. After your event, we ensure that the files were all delivered digitally.

You also receive a web page that holds your photos and videos for up to a year. That is also baked into the pricing. As is the software that runs the booth, the expensive printer, touchscreen, props and more.