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If you’ve gone to, you will find Big Fun Foto Booth. As Jacksonville’s most beloved photobooth vendor for weddings, birthdays and corporate events, we are listed there. But when you go on, you won’t be able to contact us directly. That’s why we invite you to email us at instead.

Nothing Special About Special Event Vendor Search charges the vendors that you are interested in a fee to contact you. You can look at our profile and like what you see. Then you may reach out to us via Bark but that doesn’t mean that we can help you. Typically, we have to pay about $8 per lead. You are a lead who is looking for our photo booth services here in Jacksonville and north Florida.

While we get most of our business from for our photobooth services, we would like you to contact us directly. You will get answers to your event questions faster. Most people want to know prices. We are 2 hours for $350 and 3 hours for $450 to $85 depending on the number of guests. does not tell you that we have three options of backdrops to choose from and our signature enclosure is the inflatable air booth.We bring extra LEDs to enhance the visual appeal we offer. 

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Google search will turn up ads that sometimes fool you into thinking that you are buying local. is located in Delaware. Not Florida or Jacksonville or north Florida. Our best chance to serve you and help have Big Fun at your wedding or special event is when you reach out directly. Call us with the buttons on the site, or 904 477-9995.

About Big Fun Foto Booth

The year is 2015, Big Fun Foto Booth hits the Jacksonville photo booth wedding and special events scene, and nothing has been the same since. With a rental that is both amazing and for a discounted price, If you'd like to donate to our favorite cause, Veteran Families, check out these fundraising opportunities where your rental goes to a good cause. Simply rent from BFF Booth and your rental fee is transferred into a 100% tax-deductible donation.

Big Fun lives up to their name with attendants that laugh and get it. Technology that is second to none. Lighting that makes every face look their best. Prices that make you feel like you've been respected not ripped off. Answers to more questions can be found here.  Call us for details.