Photo Booth Pictures

Photobooths, like Big Fun Foto Booth, often become the second best thing at your wedding. Your vows and best wishes for the future will always be the main emotional draw at a wedding. But there is usually some down time between the entree and the last dance. That’s where you can entertain your wedding or special event guests. Most photo booths will offer unlimited prints, so guests can go as often as they’d like. We offer texts where they can share their photos almost instantly, and the fun for the rest of your guests, just gets multiplied. Get a photo booth from


Lots of ethnic wedding has Big Fun Foto Booth seen. Lots of Big Fun have we had, and you can learn how to entertain your guests with the number one take away I’ve learned in my four years of being a photo booth vendor. Go with the exotic dancing options organic to your ethnicity, and yes, white is an ethnic, and you can’t lose! Many of your guests may have already seen or grew up with these dances, but many have not. Take a chance and find some ou

Live Bands

No doubt that a live band brings more energy and excitement to any special event or wedding. They’re pros who know how to read your audience of guests. They should have a wide range of tunes to play to any requests that come in, and a live show is so much more entertaining than a DJ. DJs are great, but a live band that rocks super hard makes your wedding more blessed.

Cultural Acts

Different cultures have different ceremonies and traditions associated with them. Drums, violins and harps are just some of the musically centered cultural additions at weddings. Indian weddings are famous for sangeet. The fun begins with sangeet practice sessions and continues till the day it is performed in front of other guests.

About Big Fun Foto Booth

The year is 2015, Big Fun Foto Booth hits the Jacksonville, St. Johns, St. Augustine, north Florida photo booth wedding and special events scene and nothing has been the same since. With a rental that is both amazing and for a discounted price, Big Fun lives up to their name with attendants that laugh and get it. Technology that is second to none. Lighting that makes every face look their best. Prices that make you feel like you’ve been respected, not ripped off. Call us for details.