If Big Fun Foto Booth Is at The Royal Wedding, we’d have to whip out all the stops, for sure. But what makes us different, and what we do for every couple, is that we make sure your guests have the best possible time in the booth. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will be held at the St.George’s Chapel. Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will be there, and no doubt all of them will make a trip to the photo booth. So whether you’re a royal or just want to feel like one on your wedding day, we are here to help.

Three things that make a Royal wedding photo booth, and your, visit special are:

First, we all love free, so we do free retakes of bad pictures. We know that sometimes people are super excited to get into the booth and while they seem like they’re ready to give a great pose, sometimes the timing gets the better of them and they don’t like their photos. We’ve seen this in some groups more than other, and we don’t mind a re-do.

Second, we help them with switching out props during their time in front of the camera. As photo booths become more common place, guests are becoming more savvy about how to take and make great poses. They will bring in multiple hats or glasses or signs and will want to switch them out. We can be there to help them make the transitions seamless. The results are always better.

bff booth champagen flute photo booth

Finally, we know that just like for you and yours, it will be hard for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to find the time to visit the booth, so when you are able to make it into the booth, we make sure you get extra time to primp a bit and gather all your wedding party and others to make it special. It is not unusual for the bride and groom to take 3-5 sessions in the booth while they’re there. We love that.

Maybe your wedding won’t be a royal wedding, but your photo booth experience with Big Fun Foto Booth in Ponte Vedra Beach will still make you feel just as special.

Don’t forget to book early and save 10% when pay in full at the time of your booking. See you soon.