Despite what Hollywood wants to tell you about photobooths in Jacksonville, where dinosaurs once roamed the beaches of St. Augustine, Big Fun Foto Booth has no problem with a T-Rex in the wedding photobooth. With so many people afraid of the massive photobooth beast, these carnivores have received a bad reputation. But he is really not so bad. Let me tell you a story why.

Once upon a time, there was a 5-year-old girl named Lily. She was at a wedding with her mom, and all she could think about was the photo booth and the fun props. However, what Lily didn’t know was that there was a villain lurking in the shadows. A make-believe T-Rex that was determined to photo bomb Lily and her mom’s pictures in the photo booth.

As soon as Lily and her mom entered the photo booth, the T-Rex sprang into action. He was determined to get into the pictures no matter what it took. He snuck into the booth behind Lily and her mom, and when they turned around, they were met with the sight of a giant T-Rex looming over them!

Lily was scared at first, but then she realized that the T-Rex was just trying to be silly. She and her mom joined in on the fun, posing for the camera with the T-Rex. They all laughed and made silly faces together.

But the T-Rex wasn’t satisfied with just one photo. He wanted to be in all of Lily and her mom’s pictures. So he snatched the digital download of their boomerang video from the photo booth and set to work editing himself into every frame.

Lily and her mom had no idea what was going on until they saw the final product. To their surprise, the T-Rex was in every picture, even though they couldn’t remember him being there. Lily was amazed and couldn’t stop giggling at the silly T-Rex’s antics.

But then, the T-Rex took off his mask and revealed that he was actually Lily’s dad! He had been in on the plan the whole time and had dressed up as the T-Rex to surprise Lily and her mom. They all laughed and hugged each other, happy to have shared such a fun and silly moment together.

From that day on, Lily knew that the photo booth was even more special because it brought her family closer together. And she couldn’t wait to go to the next wedding and make even more memories with her loved ones.