Review of LED Air Booths Made in China

As the owner of two LED air booths made in China, I hope to pass along to you what I think of the good and the bad of the product as well as the user experience as a photo booth owner and as a guests. I first rented/borrowed a booth from Kris at Footloose Entertainement. After my first time, I was hooked on how much fun they were and how easy they were to use. 

Since then, I’ve purchased my own LED air booth and have owned it for 13 months now. As I share my purchase and experiences with mine, please let me know your experiences with them in the comment section.

Model names and numbers of LED air booths from China don’t really seem to matter, but when you’re shopping online for an enclosure, you’ll quickly see that there aren’t too many choices. But there are key differences that I’ll point out, in both construction and quality.



First, both LEDs in the LED air booth remote controls didn’t work. Worse than that, they worked once and then quick. Sometimes they would work once and quit, so you have to make any changes in color the first color you pick.

The main reason that you buy an 8-color LED air booth is to change the colors and use the rotating color feature. When that goes, all your left with is not what you want. It is still beyond me why the remotes are so sporatic, but there is one feature that that does expose.


The LED ligths themselves are in strings or ribbons, as you’ve seen pictures of them probably. and the pattern goes like this:

Powered from the ground, there’s a strand that run up to the roof of the enclosure, then makes a square. Or at least it should. My second one has about half of that covered. Plus one of the strands has become unhitched and if waggles loosely down from the last clip with all it’s might. I have noodled various ways to fix it, but the size of it prohibits me from working on it inside the house, and outside I’d have to do it in the night to really see what’s lit.


No complaints here. Both hold the air fine, but my latest and current one seems to have some shaky seems. When fully inflated, there’s a good amount of air pressure pumping up the fun, but there’s just a bit too much gap peeking out for my liking. Time will tell how the stitching will hold up. If it’s like the stitches that held up the LED lights, then that time will come quicker than I’d like.


While the box it came is was amazingly small, the event-to-event use requires one of the larger plastic crates you’ll find at every big box home store. Mine has wheels and a handle, if that tells you something. Stuffing it in after the event is simple and easy with a box this size. The last thing you want at the end of the night is a battle.






As a photo booth owner in Jacksonville, I can only related the experiences I’ve seen here. Short and simple, everyone loves it. From the Ugly Sweater Crawl in Jacksonville Beach over Christmas to a wedding in St. Augustine, there’s no one that sees it that doesn’t want to know what it is and what it’s like inside. 

Luckily, our unique kiosk lights up the inside Big Fun Foto Booth like a giant LED white light tongue depressor. It’s a good addition and continues the eye candy experience. Stuffing up to 12 people and getting them all on camera makes us live up to our name. It’s big fun, and you can have the same experience for your wedding, birthday and special events.


The LED air booths from China will come in one, two and three door styles. They will also have fabric that can cover the entrances. The strings there to tie them up and extra long and they become a bit of an eye sore whether they’re being used to tie up the “door” or not.

One door is the least expensive variety. It is the kind that I have. Footloose has a two-door style. I’ve never used a three-door one, but I’m guessing they all have one thing in common: they all get hot inside. And I don’t know why. 

LED lights are not hot by nature. I have to attribute the heat to the enclosure doing a great job at trapping body heat. Despite the number of doors, it just won’t vent, so my advice is to get a two-door model. For me it would allow some ventilation, right, but also I could put my tongue depressor like photo booth kiosk in one door, allowing easy access which is important to me. I regret not getting one like this one:

The price is right, lower than what I paid less than a year ago, and it seems to come with a spare light controller. I’m not sure what that means, but if it means a remote, you’ll need it.


There is a big, loud fan that all LED air booths from China have. It is necessary because these air booths are usually big and the air isn’t distributed in a tight spot like a Christmas decoration. It has to travel and make right turns. The big fan allows this. The fact that it’s loud isn’t usually a problem in any event since the DJ or band will usually mask it.