LED Air Booth Review

I’ve had the LED air booth on my site for a while and I will admit that it was an item that I needed to rent if I ever got the request for it. Well, it happened six days ago. At a wedding in Orange Park, Jacksonville, a bride wanted it and she got it. With it being my first time using the air booth, here are my thoughts on it.

First thoughts: man, is it loud. You need to plug it in like it’s a lawn ornament for a holiday. I have plenty of those, but they’re all outdoor, of course. This LED air booth was used indoor like yours probably will be, and there’s a big difference there. It runs┬áconstantly, so the noise isn’t going to go away. This venue, Riverview, was a large room with tile flooring and not much in the way of acoustics. With no carpet and very little else to absorb any sound, you really hear the LED air booth crank.

Okay, so with the DJ playing, was it as loud as it seemed? Yes, it was, but with the DJ cranking the tunes, the volume of the fan wasn’t a problem. So we’ll give that a pass for this review. Loud but so was the music, so it’s a wash.

Once you plug it in, it starts to inflate. Now the timing of my arrival at this venue on this date was awful. My daughter was with me as a helper, and we walked in just as the bridal party was being introduced. The wedding was 3 hours old by this time. That was fine. We waited. The problem was that as soon as we plugged in the LED air booth, all eyes were on us.

That’s a good thing. You want something that you’re paying for to get the attention it deserves. We quickly set it up and it looked cool. The wedding guests were taken by it and the kids wanted in ASAP.

There’s a remote control that comes with the photo booth to set the lights. The night before this wedding, I tested everything out in my house, much to the delight of my 6-year-old son. We were able to change colors then, but at the event, the story changed. We found the remote a mystery and almost useless. The blue light was fine, and it made for a rich and sultry background, but I wanted to change it and try another color for variety. Unfortunately, green was the only color that responded and it was ugly. I switched back to blue.

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LED Airbooth photo booth running scorecard: 1 loss. 1 tie.

Saving Grace:

What saves the experience for me was just how cool the booth looks, especially with my style of photo booth. The kiosk that I use is perfectly suited for this air booth and the crowd was crazy for it. There wasn’t a guest there who didn’t think this was the coolest photo booth they’d seen, and they were happy to tell me so.

Score: 1-1-1

Final score: 2-1-1 and the reason for this is that the ease with which the air booth goes up and down, it can’t be beat. If this were a traditional enclosure, the normal build time is 20 minutes. For the air booth, it took about 5.

When the lights were responding to the remote, it was even cooler and I have yet to troubleshoot that. With a wedding coming up and the booth still in my possession, it will be used again and I will update this post.

Bottom line: get the LED air booth.