Wedding Video From LED Booth

If you’ve never seen an LED photo booth then this post is for you. Big Fun Foto Booth, the world’s (and by world’s I mean Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Palatka’s) number one photo booth experience, now prefers to use the LED air booth for all events. I recently reviewed the LED booth the first time I got it and used it. Way back then in mid-October, the thinking was it’s cool. Now, my thoughts are much different. Check out the above wedding video from LED booth and more.

This booth enclosure is absolutely stunning. If you look at some of the videos either on the LED page or on my YouTube site, you’ll see a few reasons why.

  1. You can fit over 10 people inside. Check out this video of the whole bridal party, a full allotment of bridesmaids and groomsmen, filing into the booth near the end of the night. I had to stop camera to attend the session, but as you can see, the volume of fun allowed by this LED booth is extraordinary. And that’s what we want, we want your event to be memorable and the LED booth allows this just by showing up.
  2. It’s a magnet for your guests. They see it and they can’t stay away. Even the most conservative personal folks warm up to the booth once they get inside. At this last event held at Bowing Oaks Plantation, there was one big dude who was drug into the booth by his girlfriend early on in the night. He didn’t want any props and was acting aloof as he stepped into the booth. Half an hour later, when he and his buddies were lining up to get in, he had on props and was mugging for the camera the way you should. The booth is magic. It changes people.
  3. The colors add a Disney-like feel to the event. As they rotate through the 8 colors that come standard in almost every LED light strip, the awesomeness becomes oddly commonplace. The magic doesn’t wear off though. It grows and impacts everyone there. The other added benefit is that your pictures will all look different because the light changes, even with a session of 4 photos.

Here’s another great example of the fun you can have at your next Jacksonville, St. Augustine wedding or special event. The booth has two doors that give you the privacy to do anything you feel like doing. Check this out:

Since the review of a few weeks ago, I only used the booth one more time. That means that if you have an event, or had one, you could have, or can have, this fun photo booth enclosure at your next wedding or special event. If you’d like to get your hands on the booth, give us a call at 904 477-9995 and ask for Dave. I am the owner and operator. Until then, keep living the dream.