How to Next-Level Photo Booth Pose

You don’t have to be rich to be my girl, you don’t have to cool to rule my world. Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with, I just want your next-level photo booth pose to be in my Big Fun Foto booth.

Having been doing photo booth rentals in Jacksonville for over three years now, we have almost seen it all, and we want to see more. What could we possibly say to someone about to enter the sacred BFF booth that could help them do an epic photo booth shoot? Smile? Kiss him/her? Switch places? We just don’t know, so let’s start brainstorming and see.

Next-Level Photo Booth Pose #1 – The Grab and Bite

This is where you grab and bite your photo booth partner somewhere, anywhere, on their body. Our BFF booth will take four photos during your session. Here’s how the grab and bite should go down:

Photo 1: Look at each other and smile. Try to project a “nothing weird going on here” vibe. This next level photo booth pose does two things: it eases you two into the experience. This is not your typical photo booth rental experience here in Jacksonville. We are going for the amazing, so it is critical that this image be as ho-hum as possible. Secondly, it sets the viewer up for the surprise that will come.

Photo 2: Grab their arm, let’s say. Now here’s where you can do whatever body part you want to. Here’s some options: arm, neck, shoulder, maybe a boobie if that’s your thing. The important thing to remember when deciding what body part to grab is to make sure that the camera can see it. Because we are family-friendly, we are going to say the arm.

So grab their arm at the wrist and at the elbow in this second photo booth photo. Your facial expression should be one of aggression. Their should be one of submission or shock or fear. Confusion is not a good option here as it won’t be “big” enough of a look to make the right comedic effect.

Congrats! You are Half-Way There to a Next-Level Photo Booth Pose

Photo 3: With their arm still firmly in your grasp, pull it towards your mouth. Your mouth should be open wide and your teeth should be bared. A crazy mad-dog look in your eyes can be seen. Your eyes, those crazy ones, should be looking at your target. For now we are saying that you’re going to bite his/her arm, so that’s where your gaze should be directed.

This is very important and many, many people will have trouble playing this up the right way. Trust us, we are an experience photo booth rental firm here in Jacksonville, but we also go into St. Augustine and beyond. Our sampling size of audience is more than sufficient for us to be considered experts. LOOK RIGHT AT THEIR ARM WITH LUSTY ZOMBIE LOVE IN YOUR EYES.

Photo 4: The big bite. Make sure your have your head slightly tilted towards the camera. We need to see those teeth digging into their flesh. You can have your eyes closed for this one and a look of satisfaction overall can cover your face. Your victim can have a variety of look on their faces, because let’s face it, you are the star here. You are the hero, the do-er of this photo booth session. Still, they can have a look of sexual satisfaction, horror, pain, or this one is for only the best of you out there: a look of total nonchalance. Great actors will underplay the reaction and keep it all hidden on the inside. You can try this.

Don’t even try to tell us that this isn’t next-level photo booth pose stuff. It is.

At Big Fun Foto Booth, we are here to make sure you and your guests have a great time in the booth. With that in mind, you can try and try again with us and we don’t care. That’s how much we care about your event or wedding. We are affordable fun that takes your event to the next-level. Call us to book your date.