Summertime Photo Booth Fun Outdoors

There’s nothing like summertime and outdoor weddings. In Florida, where Big Fun Foto Booth calls home, that’s a bit different than someone up North, but the intention behind them both is the same: celebrate in a natural setting with no limits. When you mix in a photo booth and the great outdoors, now we’ve got a problem. My recommendation is to not have your photo booth outdoors ever. Here’s why:

The number one issue for an outdoor photo booth is the wind. The four elements common in every photo booth experience are the kiosk, or that thing taking the pictures (mine is pictured below), the backdrop or the enclosure, the props and the people. Let’s look at how a steady or gusty wind, a light one at 8 mph, can mess up your outdoor foto booth experience for you and your guests.

First, the kiosk can probably take the wind the best. Mine is not in that category. BFF’s booth is so thin that even our windy day can make me nervous. The solution to a flexing BFF Booth kiosk is to put sandbags on the base for stability. Now that’s a glamorous look, isn’t it. So that’s not the best, but it’s the only solution for that wind. For the record, the event where the pic below was taken worked out perfectly fine, and the open air nature of the experience was pretty darn good, too.

BFF Booth's alien kiosk

Next we need to consider the props that live on the prop table. Fake mustaches, glasses, beards and bowties made of paper were not meant to lie outside fighting the wind. They blow away and can get destroyed, even a little bend in a prop makes is second rate and no bride wants a second rate prop on their big day. That’s not what she’s paying for. She’s paying to the best it can be.

Now the backdrop, if you’re using one, is dead in the wind. I was at a July 4th event last year with a backdrop and I had to tie it up because it was too dangerous and inconsistent. The other option is to secure it to the frame and the ground, but what you’re really doing is creating a sail. Not good because the force that this 8×8 sail can create can wreck real havoc on people and things in its path should it take flight.

The end result at that party was not great as it now became on “open-air” booth. I don’t like open air booths because of the distractions from the background. It just makes the photo too busy. Unless it’s at night where you can don’t see most of the distractions, as was the case in my earlier photo.

Finally, your guests may be fine in our light wind, but any woman with hair past their chins won’t be comfortable. There’s probably no woman there who’s spent more time on their hair than the bride, but the female guests don’t want to get their hair messed up. That’s also why I carry a bunch of props that you can put on your head but still don’t mess up your hair. The pink poo emoji headband is one of my favs.

Summer Weddings in Florida are Unpredictable

Here in Jacksonville, the heat of the summer also makes an outdoor foto booth insane. Just don’t do it. Go indoors with the A/C. This will avoid the sweaty images and your guests will be very happy to get out of the heat, making their smiles all the better.

There is a solution so you can have an outdoor wedding and a photo booth. First, just do it and see. Maybe all these things won’t matter. A silly photo is just as good in almost every condition, but the better solution is to put the booth indoor somewhere. Guests won’t mind taking the little stroll around the venue and it’s good to have a secret place where the fun can happen in semi-private.

Good luck with your summer outdoor wedding, and here in Florida, you’re gonna need it.