Photo Booth Memory Books – Perfect Match for Your Formal Photos

Wedding photographers are great at what they do. Perfect poses when you look your best, and we all love that. And we all love the photo booth. Now the photo booth memory books, these two image-driven bridal experiences are closer than ever. If you haven’t seen them, or are not considering a photo booth for your big day, no worries. We’ve gathered some Etsy links for you to get initiated.

Here’s the first photo booth memory book from Etsy. It has pre-glued slots to insert the photo booth pictures. These are typically 2″ x 6″ once cut. They come out of the printer twice as wide – hence the double strips. One strip goes into the photo booth memory book. The other goes home with the guest.

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The second Etsy example¬†is different in that its more of a helter skelter approach to the design. Both have the guests signing the book next to their photos, but I’m not sure which I like better.

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I know I do like the orderly appeal that the first one offers. I can see the plastic sleeves ripping off and letting the photo strips get lost, but you could also put any extra copies in with the first one and that’s a good way to store the extra ones that sometimes don’t get picked up at a wedding. Hey, people drink at weddings and people forget. They had their fun in the booth so what do they care?

These strips will need to be either double-stick taped onto the page or glue sticked. I was told on a Facebook group that double sided tape is the way to go, and I shall abide. I’ll also have my glue stick with me. That seems like a better option, so I’ll have both time time out.

The other consideration about a photo booth memory book is the cover. I haven’t seen too many options yet. Here is one from Michael’s that I ordered for a recent wedding at Sawgrass Country Club. I’ve never done one, so I hope this one comes off okay.

big fun foto booth photo booth rental jacksonville

Notice the opening for a strip. I have no such strip to put in the cover of this upcoming wedding, so I’ll need to figure that out on the fly.

Let’s talk about price now. The book above is from Michael’s and it lists for $21.99. They have a buy one get one half off deal at the time, so I bought two. Due to the late request from the bride and groom, I had to go for the second day delivery which was a whopping $25.00. That was second day. It damn well better get here in time. I checked out what ¬†Amazon has to offer, and they have a large selection with some leather bound ones. I will keep that in mind for the future. Only one choice was in the Michael’s price range, and Michael’s looked nicer.

Finally, if your guests are going to sign the photo booth memory book, they are going to need pens to do it with. I was pointed towards these metallic markers from Sharpie. They are 3 for about $12. And i got screwed. Check out what Amazon is selling twice as many for. Don’t shop for Sharpies at Michael’s.

big fun foto booth photo booth rental jacksonville

If you live in north Florida and have a wedding or special event coming up, contact Big Fun and let’s see if we can provide you a great photo booth experience that includes a photo booth memory book.