Review of Jacksonville Area Photo Booth Vendors – Part 1

This job of being a photo booth owner gives you the fun of going to lots of Jacksonville wedding and party venues. Of course, where there’s a wedding or party, there’s food, a DJ or band and a photo booth. With four years seving up Big Fun from St Mary’s in George to Palatka to Ponte Vedra Beach, we’d like to help you have Big Fun at your event, even if we don’t get to bring it.

Big Fun Foto Booth, located in Ponte Vedra, is a competitively priced full-service photobooth vendor. They always provide an Attendant who engages with your guests to get them to enjoy the booth experience. With a deep collection of props, they often rotate them during the event so you’ll get a good mix of silly pictures.

Booth Options: Big Fun offers three options: green screen, open air with a backdrop, or an enclosure. The LED AIR booth is a great benefit for Big Fun. It can match the colors of your event, or go all white for an elegant look.

Texting happnes like this: your guests enter their phone numbers. A text arrives that links them to your very own event web page. There, all the picture strips, GIFs and Boomerangs are stored for one year. On their phones, they can see their photos first, then the boomerangs. As they continue to scroll, they’ll find all the rest of the photos taken that night.

Priced from $350 to $499, Big Fun offers value for your money and a great and lasting memory for you and your guests.