Cheap Holiday Fun for All

Cheap Holiday Fun for All

7 Fun Ways to Light Up the Season With Inexpensive Holiday Fun

The holiday season is all about spreading joy, making memories, and celebrating with loved ones. If you’re looking to host a memorable holiday party without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Big Fun Photo Booth, your go-to rental company for cheap holiday fun, has some fantastic and budget-friendly ideas to light up your holidays. We always do our part with reasonable pricing. In this blog, we’ll share 7 fun ways to add a touch of magic to your festivities while keeping costs in check. Get ready for some cheap holiday fun with party ideas that will make your event unforgettable!

Cheap Holiday Fun Countdown

1. DIY Holiday Decor:
Decorating your party venue doesn’t have to be expensive. Embrace your creative side and craft your own holiday decorations. You can make paper snowflakes, string up popcorn garlands, or create homemade ornaments. These personalized touches will add charm to your space without breaking the bank.

2. Festive Photo Booth Backdrops:
Big Fun Photo Booth can help you set up the perfect holiday-themed photo booth with affordable backdrops. There’s cheap holiday fun with free images. You can choose from a variety of festive backgrounds, from snowy winter wonderlands to cozy, rustic scenes. Your guests will love taking memorable pictures that capture the spirit of the season.

3. Cookie Decorating Station:
Cheap holiday fun never tasted so good. Host a cookie decorating station with an assortment of cookies, frostings, and toppings. It’s a fun and cost-effective activity that everyone will enjoy. Use holiday-themed cookie cutters to make your cookies extra special. It costs you nothing to each and eating is cheap holiday fun for sure.

cheap holiday fun home baked cookies

4. White Elephant Gift Exchange:
For an entertaining gift exchange that won’t break the bank, organize a White Elephant gift exchange. Encourage guests to bring quirky, inexpensive items they no longer need. It’s a hilarious way to exchange gifts and create lasting memories.

5. Budget-Friendly Catering:
Save money on catering by opting for a potluck-style meal. Ask your guests to bring their favorite holiday dishes, and you’ll have a delightful spread of homemade food that adds a personal touch to your event.

6. Ugly Sweater Contest:
Host an ugly sweater contest and encourage your guests to wear their most creatively hideous holiday sweaters. You can even offer small, inexpensive prizes for the best (or worst!) sweater. It’s a fun way to keep the dress code casual and entertaining.

7. DIY Party Favors:
Create your own party favors that match your holiday theme. You can make simple and budget-friendly party favors like handmade ornaments, mini hot cocoa kits, or personalized holiday-themed candles. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Conclusions About Cheap Holiday Fun:
You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a memorable holiday party. By incorporating these cheap holiday party ideas, you can create a festive and fun atmosphere without straining your budget. Big Fun Photo Booth is here to help you light up your holidays with our affordable and customizable photo booth options. Embrace the spirit of the season, make cherished memories, and enjoy the company of your loved ones, all while staying within your budget. Cheers to a joyful and budget-friendly holiday celebration!

About Big Fun Photo Booth

Big Fun Photo Booth has been adding joy and laughter to north Florida for since 2017. Whether you want to make memorable a birthday, wedding, holiday event, or a party, we can help. Our pricing is the most competitive in the Jacksonville or St. Augustine region. We use the latest technology in our camera, our touchscreen monitor, and in our printer. You can customize your backgrounds and there are branding and customization options for all at the bottom of the photo strips. The owner is also going to be your attendant, so you can expect fun and professionalism.

Holiday Party Photobooth Secrets You Must Know

Holiday Party Photobooth Secrets You Must Know

Seasonal Ideas from Big Fun Foto Booth

Ideas on how to spice up your holiday party are here! Of course, adding a Jacksonville photo booth company like Big Fun Foto Booth is step one. There is a good list of other photo booth secrets and ideas to turn your party in to a winner.

Get Your Groove On This Season With These Non Photo Booth Ideas

  1. Hold a virtual hot cocoa party
  2. Take the stress out of cooking and order a meal to go from a local business
  3. Grocery shop online and opt for contact-free pick up or delivery
  4. Exchange recipes via email with friends and family
  5. Hold a virtual bake-off
  6. Host or attend a virtual holiday party
  7. Host or attend a virtual happy hour
  8. Create a virtual scrapbook to share memories of 2020 with your friends and family
  9. Write down your 2021 resolutions and share with others through social media
    Countdown to 2022 (and say good riddance to 2021!) with a virtual celebration


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Live Bands

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About Big Fun Photo Booth

Since 2017, Big Fun Photo Booth (aka BFF Booth) has been serving up the laughs and the memories. As a local vendor, we know the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and north Florida venues and people. And it is Big Fun. We have the largest photo booth enclosure you can get. We have texting of images. We have unlimited, beautiful prints. We have awesome lighting for every skin type. We have great props. We have SMS and email capabilities. And we know how to have a good time. Our attendant is lively, humorous, and professional. Give us a call at 904 477-9995 or email We accept all major credit cards and have easy payment terms. Plus our prices can’t be beat. We pride ourselves on offering a great value, not gouging the wedding party or the party organizer. Let’s have Big Fun!