The Secret to Second Marriages and the Photo Booth

I recently enjoyed a wedding at Sawgrass Beach Club here in Ponte Vedra Beach. Of course, I wasn’t a guest. I was a wedding photo booth vendor with Big Fun Foto. No complaints. In fact, someone told me that I had found a way to be a professional wedding crasher. I think they might be right. This crashed wedding belonged to a couple who were not wearing white, if you know what I mean. (teenager nudges the other) But this wedding held the secret to second marriages and the photo booth. I will explain.

The bride and the groom were both around late 30s. Okay, I’m being generous, for him at least. He had enough gray hair to star in a Hair Color for Men TV commercial. Their secret to second marriages and the photo booth were one in the same: namely that they took their time with both. That’s the secret and a spoiler alert.

Taking your time with the most important decision in your life is a good idea. One that isn’t really heeded too well by almost 50% of the population of the USA. Divorce numbers are falling slightly, but the secret to second marriages and the photo booth are to do it when you’re ready. I’ve seen brides and grooms get into the booth under duress. Sweaty, worn-out and looking not their best. This couple was different. They spent lots of time at the booth with each other, their bridal parties and others. It was the right way to do the photo booth.

Another secret to a good photo booth experience is to have good co-ordination with the DJ during the wedding. When Big Fun Foto Booth does a wedding rental, we make sure of two things: to tell the DJ to announce when we are open for business and when we are doing last call. We like to announce last call for the photo booth about 30 minutes before we are actually contracted to finish. That’s a good time to get through the rush that hits every time and to not have to turn anyone away because time’s up.

That’s another good secret: have a last call to make sure everyone get their fill of Big Fun Foto booth madness. Whether you’re a first-time bride, a second time beauty, or having a special event, Big Fun Foto booth is your secret weapon to having the best time possible in and out of the booth.

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