What is a Virtual Background Photo Booth

What is a Virtual Background Photo Booth

Now Your Jacksonville Photo Booth Rental Fits Anywhere

A short time ago, I posted about the need for a Virtual Background Photo Booth for Big Fun Foto Booth. And guess what? The latest update to my photo booth software had a virtual background function. The same but different in that a green screen background that is used in movies, grabs the body outline, marks it, and removes everything else. The virtual background could be called a green screen virtual background. They operate the same way.

I get excited and was excited when this software update hit the internet for the photo booth rental business I own. I have a huge photo booth enclosure that is great, but frankly, it was getting old in terms of age and look. My green screen was going to be retrofitted to the inside for a number of reasons. But then with the update came a Background Removal tool that is a green screen advancement for a photobooth for your wedding, birthday, graduation, or any special event. Check out how it appears on this private party photo booth strip.


Great For Themed School Events

We do lots of school events and typically there is a theme attached to them. Schools that are looking to give their kids in that grade or grades are usually on a tight budget. Now with these virtual backgrounds, that cost goes away and the end result is much better looking than a cowboy hat and a hay bale over in the corner. Imagine a whole dude ranch instead of a plain white backdrop. That’s just for starters. You can also pick from up to five different images. Look, that’s you on a horse up there!

Augmented Reality

If you’ve seen a photo booth rental with augmented reality, this is it. Plain old white or even gold lamay photo booth enclosures and backdrops will be a thing of the past. Star Wars, under the Sea or off to the moon themes for your special event only gets better for your guests with this in mind.


Virtual Backdrops Are Only Going to Get Better

When you add together the amazing amount of images that are sort of legal to use since it’s just a party and not broadcast anywhere, the mind boggles. My guess is that in the next couple of updates some type of video background or moving images of some kind like animation will be the next innovation.

Texting Pictures Has All the Photos and Videos

Big Fun Foto Booth, a photo booth rental company that serves Jacksonville, St. Augustine and all of north Florida, uses digital photography to give you all the photos and videos, boomerang videos are what we do, in one link sent to you and your guests’ phones. Scrolling around after you see or download or share your strip you will find the rest of the guests’ photo booth sessions. That’s Big Fun.

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