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Photobooth Website Finds Jacksonville Vendors

Big Fun Foto Booth has over five years experience providing special events photo booth vendor. From the beginning, has been supplying leads that I was hoping would come from this website. works this way: they pay for advertising to get you to their site. You fill out the information for the service you need. They then send a notice out via email to their subscribers with that information. If you live in Jacksonville, and we know that covers Duval and St. Johns counties, then that’s where the lead is sent.

Once I get the email at, I check out the data. The most important factor that I look for when deciding if I will purchase the lead is the date of the event. Yes, we purchase the lead to be able to call or email you. The average lead costs $11. The second thing I’m looking for when you’re looking for a Jacksonville photo booth vendor is whether or not has verifed your phone number.

Continuing on, when you search for a Jacksonville photobooth vendor, or any one in northeast Florida, pays for their ad to show up. Just like Big Fun Foto Booth, they are hoping that you will click on their ad and fill out the information for your wedding, birthday party or other special event. Once you take the time to fill out the questionairre, they send that information out to us, also hoping that we will click on the information and decide to purchase the data.

Finally, if you need a fun, fair-priced photo booth, Big Fun Foto offers a memorable experience for those at your wedding, birthday or special event. We offer four photobooth poses, followed by a Boomerang video. Boomerang videos during a photo booth session are the most fun. Usually guests laugh the hardest during the replaying of that video. Texting and social media sharing of the photo booth photos and videos is easily done once you get to the home page of your event. The text we send always has a link to all the photos and videos captured during you event. is a wonderful tool for people looking for all types of wedding or special event parties. We just wish it was a bit cheaper and that you would contact us directly to get a price. We always work within your budget and deliver Big Fun.


Been There, Rate That

Been There, Rate That

Rating Off the Grid Clay Count Wedding Venues

Not all venues are created equal. There are so many places to have a wedding, a special event, a birthday photobooth, but we are here to help. Having a successful photobooth in Jacksonville starts with the right venue. When we say Jacksonville, we mean almost all of north Florida. St. Augustine to Starke to Amelia Island. We’ve even gone as far as Lake City. Here are some places that we can personally vouch for. They may be a little rough around the edges in spots, but they’ve all been successful setting where Big Fun Photo Booth was there, too.

Three Venues in Clay County

Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club: Where Elegance Meets Nature’s Beauty

Nestled in the heart of Clay county wedding venue territories like Green Cove Springs, Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club stands as a picturesque venue that seamlessly combines refined elegance with the natural beauty of Clay County. With its rolling fairways, serene lakes, and lush landscapes, this golf and country club offers a stunning backdrop for weddings and special events. The meticulously designed event spaces, adorned with classic décor and surrounded by sweeping views, provide an ideal canvas for couples seeking a charming and sophisticated ambiance. Whether exchanging vows beneath a canopy of ancient oaks or celebrating in the grand ballroom with panoramic vistas, Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club ensures an unforgettable occasion that marries the allure of nature with timeless sophistication.

The Hilltop Club & Restaurant: Rustic Chic Charm in Keystone Heights

Perched atop one of Clay County’s rolling hills, The Hilltop Club & Restaurant exudes rustic charm and timeless allure. This versatile venue, located in Keystone Heights, offers an array of options for weddings and special events, all framed by the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape. The historic building’s exposed beams, wooden accents, and warm ambiance create an inviting atmosphere for celebrations of all sizes. Whether exchanging vows on the lush lawn overlooking the countryside or dancing the night away in the charming indoor space, The Hilltop Club & Restaurant promises a memorable experience that captures the essence of Clay County’s rural elegance.

Club Continental: Affordable Riverfront Romance Along the St. Johns

Steeped in Southern elegance and overlooking the majestic St. Johns River, Club Continental stands as a captivating wedding and special events venue in Orange Park. The historic mansion, built in the 1920s, exudes a sense of vintage grandeur that transports guests to a bygone era. The lush gardens, tranquil fountains, and riverfront views provide a serene backdrop for outdoor ceremonies, while the elegant indoor spaces offer a sophisticated setting for receptions. With its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, sprawling grounds, and timeless charm, Club Continental offers couples a unique blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty, making each celebration a true testament to the allure of Clay County’s riverfront romance. Definitely a Clay County wedding venue at its historic peak.

sun drenched outdoor wedding set up with a sprawling live oak overhead.

West St. Johns County Wedding Venues

The further away from the ocean, the lower the tide and the costs go down. These venues are more than just west of A1A. They’re near or west of US 95. This part of St. Johns county is exclusive, but no where near as prices and those coastal St. Johns’ venues. Trust me.

Bowing Oaks Plantation

A hidden gem tucked away from a very unassuming part of Phillips Highway is the Bowing Oaks Plantation. because it is the closest to our Ponte Vedra headquarters. Parking is easy, but the location itself is not near any hotels or airports, unless you consider the St. Augustine airport an airport. It’s the North Florida something or other, if that gives you any ideas.

Bowing Oaks is nestled on five acres in south Jacksonville, just minutes from shops, restaurants, hotels and major highways. Designed specifically for wedding, the property features two picturesque ceremony sites, two spacious dressing rooms for the wedding party, and an air conditioned ballroom seating up to 200 guests. Rental of the venue includes banquet tables, chiavari chairs and ceremony chairs, plus romantic draping, uplighting and crystal chandeliers in the ballroom. Bowing Oaks only hosts one wedding per day, so you can relax and enjoy the day!

Crosswater Hall at Nocatee

Second on our list of our favorite Jacksonville or St. Augustine wedding or special event photo booth joints is the Crosswater Hall at Nocatee. Located right next door to their main Splash Park, you can get married outdoors while kids are just meters away screaming and having fun while you tie the knot. After the ceremony on the finely trimmed lawn, you march upstairs for your reception. It isn’t the biggest hall, but once again it is close to our headquarters. The second floor room has an elevator and vendor parking is not bad.

tables and chairs set up for a wedding

St. Johns Golf and Country Club

Swinging into third on our list is St. Johns Golf and Country Club in St. Johns, Florida. The best golf course that you can play on for under $60 a round. It’s also close by our photobooth location where we love to do weddings. Plenty of parking for your guests. From beginning to end, let us be your full service faculty providing you and your guests with a once in a life time experience. Our event coordinators are here to help you along the way with timelines, floor plans, and vendor management. Our team of premier chefs guarantee delicious food presented in an elegant style. While the St. John’s team provides a seamless evening, you and your guests will enjoy the option of an indoor or outdoor ceremony location, spacious cocktail hour location and wedding reception location all enhanced with a spectacular waterfront view.

Just like a master magician weaving spells of wonder, our photo booths bring enchantment to the remarkable tapestry of Clay County wedding venues. Picture this: your special day unfolding against the backdrop of the finest Clay County wedding venues, each one a unique stage for your love story. From the tranquil elegance of Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club to the rustic charm of The Hilltop Club & Restaurant, and the timeless allure of Club Continental, these venues provide the perfect canvas for our magical photo booth experiences.

As the curtain rises on your wedding day, our photo booths step into the spotlight, capturing the essence of your celebration with every flash. Just as a magician captivates an audience with their artistry, we are dedicated to preserving the enchanting moments that make your wedding day unforgettable. At Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club, imagine the joy radiating from your guests’ smiles as they step before our photo booth’s lens, surrounded by nature’s splendor. The Hilltop Club & Restaurant offers a rustic-chic stage where our photo booth becomes a portal to timelessness, freezing cherished moments in frames of pure emotion. At Club Continental, overlooking the serene St. Johns River, our photo booth serves as a magician’s mirror, reflecting the grandeur of the venue and the magic of your love.

In the grand performance of your Clay county wedding venues, our photo booths are your devoted magical assistants, conjuring snapshots of happiness, love, and celebration. As you step into the realm of these extraordinary venues, trust that our photo booths will weave an enchantment that echoes the historical beauty and natural allure of Clay County itself. Your wedding day is a masterpiece, and our photo booths are the enchanted brushstrokes that paint it with joy, laughter, and the kind of magic that lasts forever.


About Big Fun Photo Booth

Since 2017, Big Fun Photo Booth (aka BFF Booth) has been serving up the laughs and the memories. As a local vendor, we know the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and north Florida venues and people. And it is Big Fun. We have the largest photo booth enclosure you can get. We have texting of images. We have unlimited, beautiful prints. We have awesome lighting for every skin type. We have great props. We have SMS and email capabilities. And we know how to have a good time. Our attendant is lively, humorous, and professional. Give us a call at 904 477-9995 or email We accept all major credit cards and have easy payment terms. Plus our prices can’t be beat. We pride ourselves on offering a great value, not gouging the wedding party or the party organizer. Let’s have Big Fun!

BFF Booth Visits St Johns County Pet Center

BFF Booth Visits St Johns County Pet Center

Trying to get good dogs into good homes, Big Fun Foto Booth, a Jacksonville photo booth rental company for all events, weddings, birthdays and special events, invited doggos into the booth. Actually, we did it outside where the dogs are taken to get acquainted with their potential new owners. Located just off Route 1 south of CR 210, the St. Johns County Pet Center mainly consists of dogs and cats looking for someone to rescue. If you have been thinking about adding a family member to the household, this should be on your list of shelters to visit.

Our photo booth fun was help in a roomy fenced in area that was shaded by more than a few trees. The dogs were fantastic. Jersey seen below, was an absolute sweetheart as you can see. All the dogs were very well behaved, but we did have to give them a hand to keep their hats and glasses on for the picture.

“This is a great way for our dogs to be seen in a new light. It’s a great idea that Dave brought to us. We were happy to help. I need to thank our volunteers who were there to help shuttle the dogs in and out of the kennel.”


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