The Hamlet Effect of Photo Booths – To Prop Or Not To Prop

In April of 2017, we did a photo booth for a woman’s 30th birthday and the request came to do it Kardashian style. Now while we are very cutting edge when it comes to photo booths, we are not hip on the Kardashians, so we asked: What does that mean? The answer we got was white background (no problem – that’s always classy) and NO PHOTO BOOTH PROPS.

Admittedly we are always happy to appease the customer, but this was a new one for us. Maybe we need to get out more often, but no photo booth props is like saying no passing in a football game. Yes, you can still win and have a great victory, but it’s just more fun and exciting with both a pass and props.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of whether your next special event should be propped or not. Remember that no one HAS to bring props with them in the booth but to not have them available is something new, so let’s check it out.

Pros of Props:

  • Fun to Play Dress Up
  • Allows Expression of True Self
  • Kids of All Ages Love Them
  • Enables Play Acting

Cons of Props:

  • Don’t Get Clear Shots of The Faces of Those Who Attended
  • Coolest Props Get Repeated Too Often
  • Encourages Photo Booth Hogging
  • Germs Are Passed Around

My experience at that event was an eye-opener. No, you don’t need props and people not one person asked me about where they were. Now there weren’t any kids there. Everyone was over the age of 21 and that may tell a different story at your event that does welcome the little ones. People had fun making cool faces, I guess they were cool. Is duck face still cool?

So the Answer to Have or Not to Have Props at Your Next Event is this: It’s up to you. Both of these popular photo booth expressions of fun have their place. I personally like them both as well because there’s a charm to booth. What you want at your event is everyone to have fun. That’s why photo booths are so popular. So either way you guests want to have fun in the booth is up to them.

That said, the Kardashian booth was as big a hit as any I’ve ever done with or without props. But honestly people love props so much that they’ll always be missed, but one again people only really care about seeing themselves whether they have a fake mustache in under their nose or not.

We can help you customize your photo booth props or you can start your shopping at this place. Pinterest and Etsy are also excellent places to get inspired for your photo booth props.