Drink Up and Pose After You’ve Tried these Delicious Cocktails Before the Photo Booth

You’re at the wedding. There’s a photo booth. It looks fun and there is a lot of laughter coming from that direction. Like I said, you’re at a wedding so there’s some adult beverages flowing. You want to hit the photo booth, but what should you drink before the photo booth to get a killer pic? Here’s some recipes and drinks that will help your photo booth pic be epic.

Myself, I’m a vodka guy, but I have also started to come around to the infused whiskey options that are out there. Craft cocktails are always a good choice, and if you’re thinking about making them at home, try this. These Bungalow 23 mixers score the biggest points with critics, but they’re still a little hard to find locally. You can always order online, and they demand to be mixed with only premium spirits. But let’s get to the good drinks to drink before the photo booth.


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Served At: Wallflower, New York City
The What and the Why: How do you say “apple-tini” in French? Here’s how: with an all-French lineup of spirits (Citadelle Gin, Drouin calvados) rounded out with dry manzanilla sherry, apple syrup, fresh lime, apple and celery, and celery bitters. Created by Xavier Herit, formerly of the highbrow restaurant Daniel, this drink has pedigree. And with its enviably bright Granny Smith apple-green hue, it’s every bit as crisp, fresh and tart as its Mad Men namesake.2.


bff booth photo booth rental jacksonville
Served At: Third Rail, San Francisco
The What and the Why: Served at “San Francisco’s first jerky bar,” this date-infused Manhattan-Old Fashioned hybrid merits plenty of attention all on its own. It’s a perfect box-step of a drink, too, made with equal parts date-laced rye, George Dickel Tennessee whiskey, Punt e Mes and Cardamaro, and finished with a dash of house-made cinnamon bitters for enticingly spicy aromatics.

Okay, fairly average cocktails for your wedding party, I know, but they are still delicious if made right. And remember, we are here to help you figure out what to drink before the photo booth. Alcohol will lower your inhibitions, and that’s important not just for the booth, but for picking the right props before you hit the booth.


bff booth photo booth rental jacksonville
Served At: Bacchanal, New York City
The What and the Why: Naren Young gives the classic tiki drink a double dose of nutty goodness: In addition to smoked orgeat (almond syrup), this Mai Tai is made with almond fat–washed Bacardi 8 rum. Young doesn’t stop there: Instead of lime, tart yuzu is subbed in, lightly sweetened with dry curaçao and punched up with Ancho Reyes chile liqueur. Smoky, spicy, nutty: This might be the most complex Mai Tai ever created.


bff booth photo booth rental jacksonville
Served At: Press at Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas
The What and the Why: Bartenders have been rumbling about rhubarb cocktails of late—something about the sweet-tart flavor profile and bright pop of pink inspires. Here, trendy rhubarb freshens the classic Mojito in the form of rhubarb rock candy syrup and rhubarb dry soda—plus the requisite fresh mint and lime, of course.


bff booth photo booth rental jacksonville
Served At: The Black Ant, New York City
The What and the Why: For adventurous tipplers only, this tequila-based drink is made with house-made corn juice and wild Mexican herbs said to function as an aphrodisiac, and garnished with Sal de Hormiga, aka “ant salt.” (Yes, it’s made with powdered black ants.) Created by Jorge Guzman, this creamy, slightly savory libation pairs well with an order of Tlayuda con Chapulines (crunchy tortillas with sautéed grasshoppers).

These photos and the descriptions were lifted in whole from this site. Check it out for more cool craft cocktail ideas, pictures and recipes.

I guarantee you that with one or two of these in you the as a drink before the photo booth, you will be loving the big sunglasses and the orange cap with the rasta hair wig attached. Frankly, that’s one of the best wigs we have.