If you’re not sure what to expect from a photo booth rental experience, allow me to pass along five of the most common facts about what goes on inside the booth. And outside. Let’s go:

FACT 1 – Everyone Love the Photo Booth

I remember a wedding back in 2017 at the White Room located in St. Augustine. It was a mixed wedding, the groom was Japanese and the bride was white. It was easy to tell which side they sat on during the ceremony. All the groom’s family milled about with no drinks as the wedding reception started, the cocktail hour. I didn’t know how they’d warm up to the photo booth experience.

I was floored when they queued up en masse when I opened for business. They loved it and their conservative exteriors were left at the enclosure door. They were great fun and I learned a good lesson that day.

FACT 2 – Props Aren’t Required

Truth is, only one bride in my 4 years ever banned props from the photo booth. I get why: she wanted to see her guests faces and not have that memory blocked by oversized pink sunglasses. That’s why when I am the attendant at my events, which I always am, I suggest that the wedding or event guests consider either taking off the props for one of the shots, or do their next session prop-free.

FACT 3 – Brides Will Do Anything Inside the Booth

Our Big Fun inflatable LED enclosure had one door on it and that door can be closed. The fact is that brides will do crazy shit with their bridemaids, not so much with their new husbands. I’d put it at 75% to 25% with the ladies getting more buck wild in the booth than the men.


FACT 4 – People Love Boomerang Videos

BFF Booth offers Boomerang videos as part of the booth experience for your guests. These videos come after the 4-photo strip session, after they print, and after they enter their phone numbers to get texts to the online gallery with all the images from the wedding or special event. The Boomerang video’s recording time is one second, but after it renders, it shows on the iPad. I set the view time for :30 seconds, but if I set it for :60, your guests will still be in there laughing at themselves and each other.

FACT 5 – Large Group Make the Best Boomerangs

The fact is that if there’s a group of five or more in the booth and they do a Boomerang video, that is going to be hilarious. And they will laugh their butts off looking at. If that number doubles up to 10 or 11, the results double as well. Larger groups in the booth make the best Boomerangs.



The BFF you rent, Big Fun Foto Booth offers a memorable experience for your and your guests. Reasonably priced and a great value, Big Fun comes prepared to bring Big Fun with unlimimted prints, texts, and Boomerang videos. Each session is a keepsake and a lot of fun. Big Fun.