The Two Kinds of Photo Booth Weddings

Can you imagine my shock when a recent bride and her mother asked me not to bring any silly props? No, you can’t. Who wouldn’t want to have their guests go buck-wild in a photo booth during their good time buzz booze run? Well I found one and this bride has taught me that there are two kinds of photo booth wedding. Let me try to make sense of this senseless hate crime against photo booths.

And if that particular bride is reading, I have no problem with your request. I totally get it and could care less. I just needed something to write a blog post about, and this was the only topic that came to mind. Even now, I’m really only writing this disclaimer to get me over the 300 word hump that Google puts up for a blog post to be counted as content. Your wedding will be awesome and the Big Fun Foto booth will honored to bring the joy and laughter, no matter the props.

Let me run down for you some of my photo booth wedding props. I bought my props, most of them, from my good, good friend John at Feedback Entertainment. He had a bunch of signs that say “Next” “She Said Yes” you get the idea. Their pink and brown and unfortunately reflect back into the camera sometimes, if held at the wrong angle. It doesn’t ruin the photo, but it white outs the sign itself, making it unreadable and defeating the purpose of any photo booth wedding.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures that show my other kind of props. The kind that people come to expect. The big sunglasses. The viking hat with the horns and the fur over the horns. The pirate hats with the pirate sword. And one I can’t understand the attraction to: a foam gun that is decked out in green camouflage. As soon as I put that sucker out there, it gets picked up and used by both men and women. Again, proof that there are two kinds of photo booth weddings.

But if this bride wants just wedding signs, then so be it. There are more than two kinds of brides out there and people who are paying me to bring laughter and joy to their weddings can have any damn sort of props they want. Just remember that when you’re in the booth holding a sign with a ball and chain on it while in the boxed crate under the table skirt is the viking hat with the fur and a full on paper viking beard on a stick.