What Happens Inside a Photo Booth? Laughter & Joy

Behind Closed Doors: Here’s What Happens Inside A Photo Booth

We’ve been at events and you can tell in some people’s eyes that they don’t know what happens inside a photo booth. They peek in, wonder for a bit, then leave with a look of expectation. Knowing that there’s a photo booth at this event is always a great surprise. So to ease wondering ones, here is what you can expect inside a photo booth.

There are basically four parts to any photo booth experience.

Part One: The First Sighting

When your guests first enter the venue, they are filled with a hopeful anticipation that this event will be fun. When they enter, they scan the room for the bar, the tables, the DJ and the bathroom. When you see a photo booth set-up on top of the usual, your guests’ hopeful anticipation is now full on excitement.

Part Two: Putting on the Props

The prop table is the first step towards getting inside the photobooth. There your guests get to meet other guests, take a preview peek inside, and  pick their look for the session

Part Three: Posing and Moving Images

Attendants in a photo booth are a must. Yes, you can get along with most photo booth software, but a real person helping you along is better. Posing comes naturally these days. So does moving for the Boomerang from Big Fun Photo Booth. Remember to freeze for the stills and move for the videos!

Part Four: Getting Your Photo Strips and Texts

Once you’ve dazzled them in front of the camera, it’s time to grab your photos and go. You’ve already given the photo booth company your phone number so they can send you an SMS link to your photo booth session.

For the photo booth strips, standard delivery methods include a sub-dye printer that prints your session in about 15 seconds on average. These costly printers will also slice the 4″x6″ photo into the usual 2″x6″ strip.


The Four Parts of the Big Fun Booth Session

Same photobooth as outlined above but with some details added.

We think our photo booth experience offers a lot of value. More than most, but what we always deliver are happy guests. That’s what a photo booth session gives you.

Here’s what happens in each session:

1. Four still poses with virtual background images or the booth. 

2. Everyone gets a photo strip print out.

3. Everyone gets a text or email to their session and all the events’ session.

4. Boomerang videos finish off the session. 

Whats inside a photo booth is a Hiti printer P525 on a white background

Photo booth printers like the Hiti shown above are what you can expect. Here’s more about the Hiti P printer.

Learning the Language of Photo Booth – A Glossay of Terms


It almost never fails that as soon as your guests see their Boomerang, an explosion of joy and laughter fills your event. Over and over again, your guests are the life of the party. That’s Big Fun.

Four Poses Per Strip

photo strip of a fun couple experiencing our Photobooth
two girls doing the photo booth experience
We love wedding photo booth rentals because we are a great value. You will get more bang for your buck with us. We keep our services fun and our rental fees low.


Every four pose session yields a GIF, or a sort of video that plays all four photos in a row. Your guests will see it while they are still in the booth and love it. They also get that from the text link we send. 

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About Big Fun Photo Booth

Big Fun Photo Booth at 281 Servia Drive in St. Johns, is a local, small business photo booth rental company that serves Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and all of north Florida. Using Apple’s digital photography to give you all the photos and videos, boomerang videos are what we do best. No matter if it is for a wedding, birthday, corporate or charity event, you need Big Fun. An event photo gallery is sent to you and your guests’ phones. Scrolling around after you see or download or share your strip you will find the rest of the guests’ photo booth sessions. That’s Big Fun.