Enter Smiling – Exit Laughing

It never fails. After the still poses, we do a Boomerang video. As soon as the video plays on screen, your guests lose their mind. Side-splitting laughter erupts from inside. Guests waiting outside get excited and enter with smiles of anticipation.

We offer a lot of value, so much more than most, but what we always deliver are happy guests.

Here’s what happens in each session:

1. Four still poses with virtual background images or the booth. 

2. Everyone gets a photo strip print out.

3. Everyone can get that image (plus the strip, the GIF and Boomerangs from their session) sent to their phones or email. Everyone can see everyone else’s images. See examples on this page.

4. Boomerang videos finish off the session. 

Their boomerang video plays for 30 seconds immediately after they make it. We always allow for re-dos. It almost never fails that as soon as they see themselves on the video, they lose their minds with laughter.

Jacksonville, St. Augustine Big Fun Photo Booth Vendor

Four Poses Per Strip

We love wedding photo booth rentals because we are a great value. You will get more bang for your buck with us. We keep our services fun and our rental fees low.


Every four pose session yields a GIF, or a sort of video that plays all four photos in a row. Your guests will see it while they are still in the booth and love it. They also get that from the text link we send. 


After the 4 still photo poses, and while the prints are printing, we send texts to phones, and then we do the biggest Big Fun thing we do. Boomerangs have your guests leaving the booth laughing and with good memories.

Latest News

There’s always some new news and here it is. 

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