This Question Has Plagued Event Attendees for Years – Finally an Answer

It’s common knowledge that at a special event or a wedding, anythings goes and that goes double or triple after a few hours. Kids get tired, adults get tired. Kids get sugar rushes. Adults get buzzed on alcohol. The music gets louder, the lights dimmer and everything’s more fun. Now that’s great for the event, but that greatness doesn’t translate into the safety of the photo booth. Here will answer the new age question of Who’s More Dangerous at the Photo Booth, Kids or Drunks?

Short answer: kids. You can stop reading or wait a second. Here’s why:

Kids don’t need alcohol to be ugly drunks. Their curiosity, energy level and not listening to someone who’s not their mom or dad is what gives them the nod. They love to check out the booth when they see it. Adults check it out, too. It’s cool and I love it like they do. Kids also want to touch it, bang it and stand right on top of it.

Kids also need help inside the booth during a shoot, which also makes them more dangerous. My kiosk is at a set height, like most. This means that only the kids can do something to get in the picture, so that means a chair or something else which they might fall off of or over or crash into someone or something.

Kids and the photo booth also don’t usually return the best photos that I’ve ever seen. If parents put props on them, they are usually too big for the kid. Of course it either falls down to the ground where someone can step on it: that’s dangerous for me and my profits, or it falls down over their face and the picture is no good.

Now the worst I’ve saved for last: when more than 1 kid is involved, that’s when the danger level spikes beyond believe. From teenagers to toddlers, groups of kids make kids worse in terms of things getting messed up. And that’s what this is all about: who messes up stuff worse. Kids clearly do. And I’m not saying that just because I’m an adult who likes adult beverages. I’m a guy with 5 kids who knows just what kind of danger kids bring.

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